Dental Health Community


Fluoridation of Public Water Supply Program

Fluoridation of public water supply in the society activities that aim to prevent and reduce tooth decay. It has been accepted as one of the government policy starting in the year 1972. In year 2006, a total of 273 water treatment plants have been added fluoride which benefits up to 73.9% of the total population .This program is developed throughout the population. Ministry of Health and various water authorities have been working together for the success of this fluoridation program.

Source: BKP, KKM

Activities to be implemented in the Sabak Bernam District:

Clinical Preventive Dentistry Program

Programme & Promotion of Oral Health

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Screening and Early Detection Programme Pre-Cancer Lesions

     Detection and prevention programs early pre-cancerous and cancerous targeted to at risk groups first launched in year 1996.This programme has been reviewed and strengthened in the year 2002. The purpose of this programme is to raise awareness about the factors that causes mouth cancer. The programme is also to educate individuals to detect early signs of oral cancer symptoms and conduct inspections to detect early cancer of the mouth.

Source: BKP, KKM

Activities implemented in the Sabak Bernam District are:


            This is no dental expertise available in the Sabak Bernam District at this moment. If need to get dental specialist treatment, patients will be recommended / referred to hospital / clinic that has a particular expertise in dental treatment if necessary.